Our Vision
As one of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies in China, Qilu aspires to be among one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world.   Since 1982, Qilu has launched over 200 generic drug products, among which over 30 were “first to launch” in China, Qilu generic drugs constantly and significantly reduces treatment cost and brings hope to patients.   Entering the second decade of the new millennium, Qilu has gradually shifted its strategic focus from generic drugs to innovative drugs to meet unmet therapeutic needs of human beings through innovative drug R&D.   With great market coverage and brand influence in China, Qilu keeps improving and has been exporting Qilu products to over 70 countries worldwide, offering more treatment solutions to patients in need all over the world. Meanwhile, the company has set up multiple subsidiaries in the US, Australia, Europe and Brazil, combining R&D, marketing and clinical strengths worldwide for a happier and healthier world.
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