Generic Drugs

Qilu is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company, manufacturing over 95% of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for our drug product use, Qilu even produces packaging materials, ensuring and maintaining consistent quality and stable supply to customers. Since exporting the first drug product to USA in March, 2016, Qilu has been growing fast and steadily and are now one of the Top 10 of formulation exporter to US in China. Qilu implemented 2D bar-coding system to meet  future requirements. Qilu is honored to be the first pharmaceutical company from China to export fully packaged sterile injectable products to Japanese market, which has one of the most stringent requirements in the world.   Qilu has filed 49 ANDAs including 3 first to filing, 98 EU dossiers and got 25 ANDA approvals, 26 EU MAs. With strong research and development capability, Qilu has an exciting  pipeline including Day 1 opportunity and biosimilars to be filed in US, Europe and other countries.   Download Our Generic Drug Products Catalog : Download  
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